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We offer energy and technology solutions for a wide range of products

At Braumers, our passion lies in shaping the future of electric mobility. We take great pride in our comprehensive range of EV charging cables, charging stations, and accessories, all meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and unwavering reliability.

Whether you're a tech-savvy commuter navigating city streets or an eco-conscious explorer embarking on new adventures, our state-of-the-art solutions are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. They provide a hassle-free and efficient means to charge your electric vehicle.

Power forms the heart of our mission, and our power solutions stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We at Braumers

are committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

We partner with reputable manufacturers who share our vision for quality and reliability, ensuring that every product we offer meets the highest industry standards.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish.

Discover the limitless possibilities with Braumers as we continue to push the boundaries of technology. Trust in our company’s expertise and dedication to delivering innovative solutions that enrich your life. Welcome to Braumers, your partner in embracing the future of technology.


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Interesting Facts About

Braumers Products

Higher Quality, Safer Design

Braumers’ lithium-ion batteries are designed to charge quickly without diminishing battery capacity. Tested and approved to meet the highest level of safety standards, these long-lasting batteries can be trusted to continuously charge a large variety of different portable electric devices.

More Power, Less Weight

Smaller and lighter than traditional batteries, our lithium-ion batteries also deliver higher energy density. Their high endurance and light weight make them the perfect choice for power tool batteries and e-bike batteries.

Higher Capacity, Lower Discharge

Braumers’ long-lasting NiMH batteries enable devices to run longer while at the same time providing a significantly lower rate of discharge. Their slow discharge rate combined with high endurance – up to 2200mAh on average — make them an excellent choice for remote control toy and hobby batteries.

Greater Durability

Our NiMH high temperature batteries are designed for greater endurance, especially in extreme temperatures of up to 113 °F (45 °C – making them well-suited for household electrical appliance batteries and emergency light batteries.